Privacy and Use Policy Dansk


Ekscito (‘we’ in the following) do not want to collect any personally identifiable data and as little data as possible to run our service, providing value for the user (‘you’ in the following) and the user community in general.


We do not use cookies but we do integrate with the following 3rd parties and their services that might for functional reasons:

• Auth0 - identity manager (Google plus Facebook, indirectly)

It is worth noting that only cookies which are essential for the functionality of our service will be allowed from 3rd parties. We do not condone tracking via cookies.


We solely store data that you yourself explicitly choose to provide while using our service. No other implicit data is stored.

Data is continuously and periodically deleted when no longer relevant for the operations of our service. We will not share your data with anyone.

The following paragraphs contain details about what data our 3rd parties store.


⁃ OAuth2 identifier

⁃ Name, given and sur name

⁃ E-mail

⁃ Profile picture, link

⁃ Created, date + time

⁃ Last login, date + time

Their privacy policy relating to our use can be found here:


You bear full responsibility in the use of our service and any liabilities fall on you alone. This service is provided as-is with no guarantee of fitness for purpose of any kind.


Yes, this means we will ask you for money to run and improve our service and connect with more people. Not to worry, it will be a very reasonable amount, almost a pittance, and only when we deem our provided value acceptable based on your input.